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The company was established in 1988 principally to develop the application and sales of reflectorless measuring equipment in all fields of surveying. This is now concentrated within the hard rock quarry industry with complete hardware/software systems which comply with the HSC Quarries Regulations 1999.

We have an extensive range of surveying equipment which includes two different laser profilers, available with either manual or auto scanning controls, seperate data collection module for use with these and with our extensive range of hole deviation equipment. (See Features List).

These have all been developed from our own field experience in carrying out face surveys and incorporating feed back suggestions from our customers.

Surveys with this range of equipment can be processed with our own developed Blast Designer 32 software which now includes an option to include a digital photo of the face. Burden data from the survey together with the surveyed hole position is then printed on it to give a permanent record of the face prior to blasting.

Face and hole surveys with our equipment can also be processed using Quarry. 4 software

All equipment and software is in-house designed and manufactured by our team of programmers and engineers except the reflectorless measuring equipment which is sourced from independent companies with a proven record of electronic innovation.

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