In today's successful industries efficiency and productivity are of the up most importance.

With tools available for data collection, for face measurements and hole surveying data, a software package must be able to calculate, design and produce the most precise results.

Hence the introduction of BLAST DESIGNER 32 software.

The package was designed from the ground up in conjunction with relevant quarry personnel and Health and Safety consultants.

What makes it special? Some of the features that make up Blast Designer 32 are:

BLAST DESIGNER 32 Version 3 software by Altongate Ltd. Rockface profiling software with the following features:-

Blast Designer 32 details.




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Overhead view with hole positions, with the blasthole probe which also shows the positions (plane) of the face laser measurements in relation to the plane of the surveyed position of the blasthole.

Front view of blastholes and face laser measurements.

Overhead view on national grid with PPV values plotted at design stage.

Face profiles with hole loading design

Summary of explosives material usage and job summary

The software is year 2000 complaint and comes with online help and a manual

Speed- Processing time for 17 profiles from down loading in only 17 seconds.

There are no annual licence fee for Blast Designer software

Price includes on site training and unlimited telephone support










For more printout examples of Blast Designer 32 , jump here